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elephant Stables Dambulla

Amazing Breakfasts

Elephant Stables Dambulla serves one of the most substantial breakfasts in the whole of Sri Lanka! Starting off with a fresh fruit juice, guests are served a full fruit platter. The staff are then delighted to serve a variety of Sri Lankan breakfast accompaniments (roti, milk rice and spicy sambols). This is followed by a full English Breakfast with toast, eggs (served as required), sausages and bacon. Breakfast is finished off with tea or coffee.

Elephant Stables Dambulla

Early Start To Sigiriya?

For guests that wish to leave early in the morning to climb the Sigiriya Fortress before the heat of the day, Elephant Stables Dambulla is pleased to offer 2 options. Option 1 – A picnic breakfast you can consume along the way. Our staff will pack a picnic breakfast that is suitable for an early morning climb. Option 2 – A late breakfast at any time you arrive back at the hotel. Guests usually come back to the hotel by around 10:30 am in the morning after completing the climb.

Elephant Stables Dambulla

Quick Lunch

We offer an A La Carte Menu featuring a choice of snacks, sandwiches and some international specialties for guests that wish to relax at the resort during the daytime. With a little advance notice, the chef will be more than pleased to serve up a full Sri Lankan Rice And Curry for lunch as well. Sri Lankan noodles are another lightweight alternative for a quick and healthy lunch at Elephant Stables Dambulla.

Elephant Stables Dambulla


Dinner consists of a special 4 course set menu. A starter dish such as vegetable spring rolls is followed by a delicious soup such as pumpkin soup or chicken and sweet corn soup. The main course features fish, beef or chicken as per the guest’s preference with a choice of delicious deserts to finish off your evening meal. Guests that wish to sample other meal options are most welcome to discuss any special requests with the chef with advance notice.

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Elephant Stables Dambulla

Sri Lankan Fruits

Seasonal fruits are given out on a complimentary basis to guests at the poolside and other public areas. Some fruits such as Jackfruit and Papaya are found throughout the year. The traditional ‘season’ for fresh fruit is between May and August and during this time guests can feast on delicious assortments of Mangosteen, Rambuttan and Passion Fruit.

Elephant Stables Dambulla

Traditional Snacks And Delicacies

Sri Lanka has a unique and diverse collection of traditional snacks that are nowadays made for special occasions and parties. Most local snacks are ‘sweet’ tasting so will appeal hugely to kids. Elephant Stables Dambulla offers a complimentary daily selection of tasty sweetmeats such as Kavum, Kokis, Thalaguli and Asme, all sourced from local villages nearby.

Elephant Stables Dambulla

Kids Meals

Kids’ meals are specially prepared, since spices and chilies need to be moderated. Our A La Carte Menu includes a variety of ‘chips with everything’ dishes including burgers, fries, sausages, baked beans and some very healthy salads too!

Elephant Stables Dambulla

Special Meal Requests

With some advance notice, we will be pleased to offer specially tailored meals including vegetarian meal options, Halal food and gluten-free meals. Guests are welcome to discuss menus and meal preferences with our Chef at any time. Cookery classes and demonstrations are easily arranged upon request.

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