Luxury Villas

Elephant Stables Dambulla

The hotel features a collection of 6 villas with beautiful views looking out over a large teak forest below and nature all around.
Luxury Villas
Located on the top of the forested ridge are large stilted villas with thatched roofs. These villas feature a large 4 poster bed and a living area with sofa set. Large glass windows give spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.
Suitable Room Occupancy
  • Adult (Single)
  • Adults (Double / Twin)
  • Adults / Children (Twin)
  • Adults / Children (Triple)
  • Adults / Children (Quadruple)
Note: When clients order a Triple or Quad Room, they are always given a ‘proper’ Single Bed. This bed is especially assembled prior to the guest’s arrival. We do not believe in giving flimsy fold away beds to any of our guests!
Note: This Room feature a large 4 Poster Bed. If you require twin beds, we will assemble a Single Teak Bed in addition free of charge prior to your arrival. Please inform us beforehand in order to get your room ready in time if this is required!